TUBerlin Logo Technische Universität Berlin

Berlin, Germany

The Department of Solid State Physics at Technische Universität Berlin (www.tu-berlin.de) and the affiliated Centre for Nanophotonics (CNP) have a world-leading position in nano-physics, photonics and technology. The department focuses on the R&D of novel devices incorporating nanostructures.

The group of Prof. Dieter Bimberg is leading TUB’s involvement in PROPHET (www.ifkp.tu-berlin.de/menue/arbeitsgruppen/ag_bimberg/parameter/en/). TUB is already a leading institution in R&D in the growth (MOVPE), processing and characterisation of quantum dots. The CNP includes all state-of-the-art equipment for III- V processing (e.g. photolithography, dry etching, isolator coating, metallisation using sputtering and thermal evaporation methods).

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